Hiking and more in Val Venosta

It feels like summer

If you are on holiday in the Alpenjuwel, you are craving adventures in the great outdoors. Here with us, you can not only practise a wide variety of sports on land and water, but above all look forward to deserted paths, quiet forests and lonely peaks. In short, an untouched natural landscape where foxes and marmots still bid each other good night.

Wonderful hiking trails

Not surprising, given the three-thousand-metre peaks surrounding the Alpenjuwel! In the rustic Valleunga Valley, panoramic trails past farms and hamlets, leisurely hiking excursions below the glaciers as well as challenging summit tours are waiting for you. One thing they all have in common: silence. The best conditions to catch a glimpse of shy alpine residents.

Bike paradise Val Venosta

If the forest road crunches under your bike wheels, you are already in the middle of the mountain bike paradise of Val Venosta. You can really get pedalling in our valley and around Lake Resia, and you can speed down the slopes on daredevil trails. What about the Drei-Almen-Tour through meadows and forests, for example?

Kite at Lake Resia

The wind-safe Lake Resia with its sunken tower is a hotspot for kiteboarders. Whether on a kiteboard or a foilboard: with a view of the mountains, every second on the water becomes an adrenaline-pumping experience. There is a kite school offering trial lessons, advanced courses as well as private coaching.

Sailing at the Passo Resia

Plunge into the Val Venosta sailing scene! Glide along over the glistening mountain water and gain your first experience while taking a sailing class. Landlubbers can watch the boats from the shore. The annual tower regatta is especially recommended, where sailors from different boat categories compete against each other.

Nordic walking holidays

Around the lake, across lush meadows or through shady forests: The Val Venosta offers you numerous opportunities to live out your Nordic walking passion. The technique is easy on the joints, strengthens the muscles and is fun to do in the fresh mountain air. So grab your poles and off you go!

To the Alpenjuwel by motorbike

As one of the most important north-south connections, the Val Venosta Valley is extremely popular with bikers. Explore the highest pass road in Italy with its 48 hairpin bends on the way to the Passo Stelvio or take a trip to Austria with a stop at the Passo del Rombo. The many side valleys also lead to places worth seeing.